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Silversea: Kimberley Coast Luxury Voyages 2022-2023

The Coast of Wonders

There are many places on the map that are described as remote. Or timeless. Or “off the beaten track”. Or an “adventure of a lifetime”. But while many times you might come across the road more travelled, Australia’s Kimberley really is the whole package. Three times the size of England, bigger than Japan, this vast area at the very north of the Western Territory has been topping buckets lists for years. Almost impenetrable, the Kimberley is an explorer’s dream come true; rife with a complex network of gorges, canyons, ridges, cliffs and horizontal falls, not to mention 160-century old rock art and local Aboriginal culture, the Kimberley is both unforgiving and unforgettable. Join Silversea on a Kimberley luxury cruise and conquer the last remaining traveller’s paradise.

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