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MSC World Cruise 2023 – New Ship Added

A world of memories to cherish forever

Join us in a celebration of a unique unmissable moment: a second ship, MSC Magnifica will be joining MSC Poesia on the MSC World Cruise 2023. An industry first in 2023, the two ships will host over 5,000 guests for a journey around the world, both departing on 5 January 2023 from Genoa, for the simultaneous world cruises, albeit performing different itineraries.

Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey around the world. A spectacular 117-day cruise on MSC Magnifica to circle the globe, you will explore South America, cross the amazing South Pacific Ocean, discover the finest treasures of the Indian Ocean, led to the mystic Arabian Sea, the Red Sea and then through the Suez Canal back into the Mediterranean Sea. Get them ready to explore the world, while enjoying unprecedented standards of personal care, fine dining and world-class entertainment.

For all guests, the cruise fare includes: 

  • 15 shore excursions selected among the best excursions created by MSC Cruises
  • Dine & Drink Package so house wines, draught beer and a selection of other drinks are available at no additional cost during lunch and dinner. 
  • 30% off laundry services throughout the cruise. 

In addition, our MSC Voyagers Club members will: 

  • keep on enjoying their usual 5% club discount 
  • receive triple Voyagers Club points for their chosen Experience. These points will be credited at the time of booking, providing a world of privileges to enjoy immediately.
  • Until 30.11.21, For this very special voyage, MSC Voyagers Club members booking will receive a 5% discount on top of the 5% Club discount PLUS triple membership points for the type of Experience chosen. These points will be assigned at the time of booking. In addition, Silver, Gold and Diamon members can enjoy a $50 per person onboard credit.
1Thursday, 05 Jan 2023Genoa, Italy17:00Docked
2Friday, 06 Jan 2023Marseille, France08:0018:00Docked
3Saturday, 07 Jan 2023Barcelona, Spain08:0018:00Docked
4Sunday, 08 Jan 2023At Sea
5Monday, 09 Jan 2023Lisbon, Portugal12:0019:00Docked
6Tuesday, 10 Jan 2023At Sea
7Wednesday, 11 Jan 2023Funchal, Portugal08:0019:00Docked
8Thursday, 12 Jan 2023At Sea
9Friday, 13 Jan 2023At Sea
10Saturday, 14 Jan 2023Mindelo, Cape Verde08:0018:00Docked
11Sunday, 15 Jan 2023At Sea
12Monday, 16 Jan 2023At Sea
13Tuesday, 17 Jan 2023At Sea
14Wednesday, 18 Jan 2023At Sea
15Thursday, 19 Jan 2023Salvador, Brazil08:0017:00Docked
16Friday, 20 Jan 2023At Sea
17Saturday, 21 Jan 2023Rio de Janeiro, Brazil08:00Docked
18Sunday, 22 Jan 2023Rio de Janeiro, Brazil18:00Docked
19Monday, 23 Jan 2023At Sea
20Tuesday, 24 Jan 2023At Sea
21Wednesday, 25 Jan 2023Buenos Aires, Argentina08:00Docked
22Thursday, 26 Jan 2023Buenos Aires, Argentina18:00Docked
23Friday, 27 Jan 2023Montevideo, Uruguay08:0017:00Docked
24Saturday, 28 Jan 2023At Sea
25Sunday, 29 Jan 2023Puerto Madryn, Argentina09:0019:00Docked
26Monday, 30 Jan 2023At Sea
27Tuesday, 31 Jan 2023At Sea
28Wednesday, 01 Feb 2023Ushuaia, Argentina08:00Docked/Tender
29Thursday, 02 Feb 2023Ushuaia, Argentina18:00Docked/Tender
30Friday, 03 Feb 2023At Sea
31Saturday, 04 Feb 2023Punta Arenas, Chile08:0018:00Tender
32Sunday, 05 Feb 2023At Sea
33Monday, 06 Feb 2023At Sea
34Tuesday, 07 Feb 2023Puerto Montt, Chile08:0018:00Tender
35Wednesday, 08 Feb 2023At Sea
36Thursday, 09 Feb 2023Valparaiso, Chile08:00Docked
37Friday, 10 Feb 2023Valparaiso, Chile18:00Docked
38Saturday, 11 Feb 2023At Sea
39Sunday, 12 Feb 2023At Sea
40Monday, 13 Feb 2023Arica, Chile08:0018:00Docked
41Tuesday, 14 Feb 2023At Sea
42Wednesday, 15 Feb 2023Callao, Peru08:00Docked
43Thursday, 16 Feb 2023Callao, Peru18:00Docked
44Friday, 17 Feb 2023At Sea
45Saturday, 18 Feb 2023At Sea
46Sunday, 19 Feb 2023At Sea
47Monday, 20 Feb 2023At Sea
48Tuesday, 21 Feb 2023Hanga Roa/Rapa Nui, Chile08:0020:00Tender
49Wednesday, 22 Feb 2023At Sea
50Thursday, 23 Feb 2023At Sea
51Friday, 24 Feb 2023Bounty Bay Passage, Pitcairntransit
52Saturday, 25 Feb 2023At Sea
53Sunday, 26 Feb 2023At Sea
54Monday, 27 Feb 2023Papeete, Tahiti08:00Docked
55Tuesday, 28 Feb 2023Papeete, Tahiti18:00Docked
56Wednesday, 01 Mar 2023At Sea
57Thursday, 02 Mar 2023Rarotonga, Cook Islands08:0018:00Tender
58Friday, 03 Mar 2023Aiutaki, Cook Islands08:0017:00Tender
59Saturday, 04 Mar 2023At Sea
60Sunday, 05 Mar 2023At Sea
61Monday, 06 Mar 2023At Sea
62Tuesday, 07 Mar 2023At Sea
63Wednesday, 08 Mar 2023Auckland, New Zealand09:0021:00Docked
64Thursday, 09 Mar 2023Tauranga, New Zealand08:0017:00Docked
65Friday, 10 Mar 2023Napier, New Zealand10:0017:00Docked
66Saturday, 11 Mar 2023Wellington, New Zealand07:0014:00Docked
67Sunday, 12 Mar 2023Cruising Milford Sound, New Zealandtransit
68Monday, 13 Mar 2023At Sea
69Tuesday, 14 Mar 2023At Sea
70Wednesday, 15 Mar 2023Hobart/Tasmania, Australia07:0019:00Docked
71Thursday, 16 Mar 2023At Sea
72Friday, 17 Mar 2023Sydney, Australia08:00Docked/Tender
73Saturday, 18 Mar 2023Sydney, Australia18:00Docked/Tender
74Sunday, 19 Mar 2023At Sea
75Monday, 20 Mar 2023At Sea
76Tuesday, 21 Mar 2023Mare, New Caledonia08:0018:00Tender
77Wednesday, 22 Mar 2023Lifou island, New Caledonia07:0018:00Tender
78Thursday, 23 Mar 2023Port Vila, Vanuatu07:0017:00Docked
79Friday, 24 Mar 2023At Sea
80Saturday, 25 Mar 2023At Sea
81Sunday, 26 Mar 2023Alotau, Papua New Guinea08:0019:00Docked
82Monday, 27 Mar 2023At Sea
83Tuesday, 28 Mar 2023Cairns, Australia07:0017:00Docked/Tender
84Wednesday, 29 Mar 2023At Sea
85Thursday, 30 Mar 2023At Sea
86Friday, 31 Mar 2023Darwin, Australia09:0019:00Docked
87Saturday, 01 Apr 2023At Sea
88Sunday, 02 Apr 2023At Sea
89Monday, 03 Apr 2023Lombok, Indonesia08:0020:00Tender
90Tuesday, 04 Apr 2023Benoa/Bali, Indonesia08:00Docked/Tender
91Wednesday, 05 Apr 2023Benoa/Bali, Indonesia18:00Docked/Tender
92Thursday, 06 Apr 2023At Sea
93Friday, 07 Apr 2023At Sea
94Saturday, 08 Apr 2023Singapore, Republic of Singapore07:0019:00Docked
95Sunday, 09 Apr 2023Port Kelang, Malaysia09:0020:00Docked
96Monday, 10 Apr 2023At Sea
97Tuesday, 11 Apr 2023At Sea
98Wednesday, 12 Apr 2023At Sea
99Thursday, 13 Apr 2023Colombo, Sri Lanka08:0018:00Docked
100Friday, 14 Apr 2023At Sea
101Saturday, 15 Apr 2023At Sea
102Sunday, 16 Apr 2023Mumbai/Bombay, India08:00Tide Restriction
103Monday, 17 Apr 2023Mumbai/Bombay, India18:00Tide Restriction
104Tuesday, 18 Apr 2023At Sea
105Wednesday, 19 Apr 2023At Sea
106Thursday, 20 Apr 2023Salalah, Oman08:0018:00Docked
107Friday, 21 Apr 2023At Sea
108Saturday, 22 Apr 2023At Sea
109Sunday, 23 Apr 2023At Sea
110Monday, 24 Apr 2023At Sea
111Tuesday, 25 Apr 2023Aqaba, Jordan07:0019:00Docked
112Wednesday, 26 Apr 2023Suez Canal (transit), Egypt
113Thursday, 27 Apr 2023Suez Canal (transit), Egypt
114Friday, 28 Apr 2023At Sea
115Saturday, 29 Apr 2023At Sea
116Sunday, 30 Apr 2023Civitavecchia, Italy08:0018:00Docked
117Monday, 01 May 2023Genoa, Italy08:00Docked