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2022/23 Ponant Luxury Tropical Expeditions

A Taste of the Tropics

The Kimberley • Indonesia • Melanesia • Japanese islands • Indian Ocean
The Equator – this invisible line transecting the Earth is not only a geographical point of reference, but also an indicator of where you can find exceptional tropical wildernesses, flourishing flora & fauna and incredible local communities thriving amongst breathtaking land and seascapes.

Ponant’s tropical expeditions in 2022 or 2023 allow you to explore some of these fascinating destinations, from the Kimberley, Indonesia and East Timor, to the archipelagos of Melanesia, Japanese subtropical islands and the Indian Ocean.

Take a look below for some of our picks from Ponant’s tropical expedition selection!

PONANT Magazine: Expedition Story from the Shores of Melanesia (opens in new tab)

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