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The Cruise Company Limited

4/433 Dominion Road, Mt Eden, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND


Site information disclaimer

Cruise Company may change information displayed on this site at any time and information is not guaranteed to be correct in case of accidental changes. Pricing is in NZD where not stated otherwise.

Amendments, cancellations and refunds policy

Cruise Company is the agent for and not the provider of the services and products (“services”) supplied by airlines, tour operators, hoteliers, car rental providers and other services (“Service Providers”).

a. Amendments and cancellations
If for any reason, even if this is beyond your control, travel arrangements are cancelled, the following applies: Where refunds are provided in full by our Service Provider(s), we will pay you in full excluding any commissions paid to us by our suppliers for our services provided and any additional or cancellation fees which may be charged. Changes to your booking may attract charges for the extra work and time required. These charges are in addition to any charges for amendments that may be charged by suppliers: the amount of each supplier’s cancellation or amendment fee is beyond Cruise Company control and payment is solely your responsibility. These cancellation fees are in addition to any cancellation charges that may be charged by Service Providers holding reservations/bookings. For cancellations prior to full payment, non-refundable deposits will be forfeited.

We recommend travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances, which may cover re-imbursement of any fees incurred.

b. Refunds
If through choice or circumstances you do not avail yourself of any part of the arranged travel services or activities, you may be entitled to a refund, depending upon the refund policies and conditions stated by the Service Provider(s). To enable Cruise Company to assist you with seeking a refund, you must apply for refunds within ten days of completion of your travel arrangements where possible, provide the original unused tickets or vouchers or, where possible, have written confirmation from the service provider(s) that the service was not availed and a refund is due. Cruise Company may charge a fee for obtaining a refund on your behalf. In addition, we may exclude any commissions paid to us by our suppliers for our services provided and any additional fees relating to your booking.

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Privacy Policy

Data controller

The Cruise Company Limited

4/433 Dominion Road, Mt Eden, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND


Types of data collected

Data collected by this site is collected either by consented, voluntary actions of the User, or when the site automatically collects mandatory data for the operation and management of the services provided.

Mode of data processing

Cruise Company takes responsibility for the data's security and will take appropriate action to ensure User information is secured. Data processing that is carried out will be done by staff members and IT equipment or externally through third-party data management organisations, hosting providers, communications companies etc. Data may be stored for however long it is needed to carry out the function the data is needed for, or when the User asks for the removal of identifiable information. Data may be stored for longer when the User consents. Users have appropriate rights to ask or manage data collected from them when required by regulation or when the data is not used for core maintenance or anonymous analytical purposes.

Basis for processing


Operating offices and where the User may be located. Data may be transferred through differing countries to reach the User, depending on where the User is located. Users are entitled to learn about the legal basis of Data transfers to a country and the security measures that have been put in place by the appropriate parties where this information is available or must be available.

Data is collected from site users under the following scenarios:

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