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Chris (Our CEO) is currently on EXPLORA 1 to find out more about Explora Journeys and what they offer. The feedback so far has been fantastic, and we wanted to share his journey with you. All of the pictures in this post are from Chris whilst onboard. We will update you as their journey progresses, but the first impressions of the ship are superlative…

The experience is truly out of this world. The food is incredible and there are lots of secluded spots to hang out

Chris Hammonds

If you haven’t heard of Explora Journeys, they represent a new era of luxury ocean travel. Exquisitely designed with a promise of elegance, joy, exploration and discovery. They are certainly living up to that mantra.

So who are Explora Journeys?
This is a story that starts in Sorrento with a Neapolitan ferry captain, Gianluigi Aponte, who – together with the Swiss sweetheart he met when she was a passenger on one of his crossings – went on to create MSC, a global shipping operation and the world’s largest privately-owned cruise company. Now this Swiss-Italian seafaring family are fulfilling their life-long dream and launching Explora Journeys, an exquisite, modern luxury cruise experience like no other.

Inspired by the sea
The Aponte family records date back to the 17th century from which 300 years of sea-faring expertise, alongside an inherent passion and respect for the sea has developed. This has carried through generations of the Aponte family and will do so into the future. It is why the ocean will always remain at the forefront of the Explora Journeys experience, allowing curious, cosmopolitan travellers to harness its unique energy which in turn inspires inner and outer discovery.

So what is life like onboard? Experience vibrant cosmopolitan life aboard, with European luxury, 5-star dining, ocean wellness experiences, and tech-savvy comforts in sophisticated suites, all while enjoying beautiful sea views.

Destinations – Mediterranean & Western Europe, US & Canada Pacific Coast & Hawaii, Caribbean & Central America, Red Sea & Arabian Peninsula Plus Grand Journeys.

All our journeys include:

  • In-suite welcome bottle of champagne and sweet treats
  • A bottle of wine and a bottle of spirit of the guests’ choice upon arrival
  • Authentic, cultured, intuitive service
  • 9 Culinary Experiences, including In-Suite Dining
  • Thermal Spa Access
  • Unlimited fine beverages*
  • All on-board gratuities
  • High-speed complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Shuttle services from port to city centre**
  • Wellbeing and fitness programmes on board and at the destinations

Plus additional benefits for guests staying in Ocean Grand Terrace Suites, Ocean Penthouses and Ocean Residences.

* Fine wines and premium spirits, speciality coffees, teas and soft drinks available anytime, including in-suite mini-bar. For fine wine and spirits connoisseurs or those wishing to elevate their experience or celebrate a special occasion, an ultra-exquisite selection of wines, spirits, and liqueurs, will also be available for an additional fee.

** Where required/available


Stay tuned for further updates…

If you would like to experience Explora Journeys yourself, contact us and let us find you the perfect voyage.