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Top 5 Destinations Best Visited by River

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As an avid traveller, you’ve probably noticed that many of the world’s oldest towns and cities are located on some kind of water’s edge – more often than not, along a river. In fact, the natural course of a river often forms the foundations for a town or city’s structure, because of our earlier dependence on waterways for transport, trade and drinking water.

In today’s world, life still heaves along busy river banks. They remain vital transport routes, as well as landmarks for navigation amongst visitors and residents alike, and they provide a scenic counterpoint to the hustle and bustle of town life. To be transported instantly to the heart of any number of the historic destinations located along the world’s waterways, a river cruise is the perfect option. Of course.

If you find yourself with a few spare moments this winter’s weekend, we invite you to pour yourself a warm cup of tea, or favourite glass of wine, and explore the top 10 river destinations we recommend you add to your travel wish list.

Strasbourg, France
Kizhi, Russia
Porto, Portugal
Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
Cochem, Germany