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Ponant Grand Voyage – Lisbon to Antalya

18 April to 17 May 2025
29 Nights aboard L’Austral
28 ports of call
7 countries

Starting from AU$27,050
From AU$23,822pp in a Deluxe Stateroom, Deck 3^

This exceptional cruise offers an unparalleled exploration of the Iberian Peninsula’s major cities, UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the tower of Belém in Lisbon and Antoni Gaudí’s works in Barcelona, and a unique stopover in Morocco, North Africa

It includes the majestic crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar, a visit to the geological wonders of Lagos in the Algarve, and the enchanting Balearic Islands including Palma de Mallorca. From Barcelona to Malta, the journey spans the beautiful Sardinia, Sicily’s archaeological sites, and the historical richness of Gozo. Highlights include the exploration of UNESCO sites like Arab-Norman Palermo and Valletta, and an immersive experience in the Mediterranean’s antique marvels from Malta to Turkey, including the Acropolis in Athens and Ephesus

This voyage, enriched by a partnership with RADIO CLASSIQUE and the presence of Alain Duault, traverses the Corinth Canal, offering a deep dive into the Mediterranean’s cultural treasures and breathtaking landscapes.