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First ship arrives in NZ!

CRUISE NEWS - Pacific Explorer

I was fortunate to be invited to the official welcome of the first ship to arrive here (pictured above) on Friday 12th Aug, which was the Pacific Explorer.
New Zealand and Australia feature heavily on the cruise ship calendar from November to March, so we are fortunate to have a lot of close to home options. 

This is when the World Cruises arrive too, so there are opportunities to book sectors too or from NZ or Australia, if you get in early that is.
Demand for cruising remains strong, with 82 percent of cruisers saying that they plan to cruise again soon—exceeding pre-pandemic levels. In addition, 62 percent of non-cruisers say they are open to cruising, an increase of 9 percent since June 2020. These numbers reflect growing confidence amongst international travellers as cruising is increasingly seen as one of the safest holiday choices thanks to robust protocols and an unwavering commitment to public health.
We look forward to getting you onboard soon,

Chris Hammonds

Cruise Company CEO