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Cruise Company

Our Experience is your Experience

Cruise Company is a member of TAANZ , IATA, and Cruise Lines International Association

Our team are all senior travel specialists, and qualified cruise agents.

This means we can also service the other aspects of our client's travel, from flights, transfers, accommodations, tours, rail etc., to make your experience seamless.

"Our team has more than 50 years travel experience and is confident of offering top service in all aspects of travel"

"We are very proud of our team"

Cruise Company won the International Cruise Council Awards for National Cruise Agency New Zealand for 2006.

Chris and Tamsin Hammonds own and operate their award winning agency.


Chris Hammonds

Chris Hammonds – Managing Director

Chris has been in the travel industry since 1995. Chris Hammonds has received many industry accolades.

Consistently among NZ top sellers.

Runner up Best Retail Travel Consultant NZ 2012 - NZ Travel Industry Awards

Chris is the first New Zealander to be offered a position on the advisory board for Cruise Co in2012.

Qualified ATTTO Level 4

Completed International Cruise Council of Australasia Specialist training 2002

Accredited Cruise Consultant 2004

Master Cruise Consultant 2005

Chris has over 21 year's industry experience, and has travelled extensively.

Chris Hammonds

Darren Driver – Sales and Marketing Manager

Having been in the Travel Industry since he left school, has a love of travel.

The Spanish Islands, Northern Europe and the Baltic are his favourite's destinations.

Cruising is his passion, Darren spent a little over a year working on cruise ships and has been involved heavily within the Cruise industry for the past 6 years.

Darren loves to talk about his cruising adventures, and is waiting to help build your dream holiday.

Steve Kirwan

Steve Kirwan – Manager

Steve has a travel history spanning over 20 years with experience in all fields of travel from cruising, SportingTours and putting together flight itineraries to/from all cruise destinations worldwide.

His favourite cruise that he enjoyed was a Mekong River Cruise from Vietnam to Cambodia. The people, sights, sounds, smells and cuisine is a favourite of his on his many travels to South East Asia.

He would highly recommend putting this on your bucket list.

Knowing P&O and Princess Cruises well, Steve will gladly answer your queries.

Elise Timoti

Elise Timoti – Travel Consultant

Elise's background takes her back over 20 years covering a variety of fields of travel including cruising.

She has an eye for detail and is keen to take you from the planning stage to the cruising stage.

Also with knowledge of P&O plus Music Cruises (these have become really popular), Elise will happily assist you where you need it.

Tamsin Hammonds

Tamsin Hammonds – Office Manager

Tamsin love of cruising started at a young age, when she embarked on a family journey, circumnavigating the global on board cruise ships.

Her cruise experience has grown over the years included many family cruises.

Tamsin is an Accredited Cruise Consultant although her main role is now in the administration side of the business.