Safari Quest, Alaska Yacht Bears Bergs & Bushwhacking ex Petersburg Return

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Special inclusions


* Four designated Wilderness Areas or National Monuments
* One-night pre-cruise hotel stay and excursion
* LeConte Glacier—ice gardens or glacial ice field
* Tlingit culture and private tour of Kake native village
* Admiralty Island bear tour
* Whale watching in Frederick Sound and Chatham Strait
* Wildlife and birding by kayak, paddle board, and skiff
* Backcountry wilderness exploration

Cruise details

7 Night Cruise sailing from Petersburg roundtrip aboard Safari Quest.

Detailed Itinerary:

DAY 1 Petersburg - Embarkation
Flightseeing to a glacial icefield, fishing charter, or easy-going dock walk? You made your choice, but you might not have to live with it. You are in Alaska after all. And weather can factor in on your mode of transportation for these activities. Whatever the day brings, enjoy it! Make the scene with the locals, you’re on your own for lunch. Late afternoon, you’ll get a warm welcome aboard the Safari Quest. Settle in with champagne for an evening sail into whale-loving Frederick Sound.*

DAY 2 Kake / Keku Islands
At the northwest end of Kupreanof Island, dancing, legends, and totems tell the Tlingit story. Tribal members share Kake’s history—settle in, it goes back thousands of years. Ambling along, black bears. Eyes peeled on the woods and the shore. And look up now and again for bald eagles. Across the water, the Keku Islands dot Keku Strait. Slide into a kayak or skiff and glide along the fingerling islets and passageways. Make for shore on a tidal zone stroll turning up sea life clinging to rocks. Back on board, you’re greeted with a Viking handshake and a belly-warming cocktail.

DAY 3 Tebenkof Bay Wilderness Area
Into the wild you go, on the western shore of Kuiu Island. Just shy of 67,000 acres of islands, islets, and forest sits in the Tebenkof Bay Wilderness Area. And a little farther north, the Bay of Pillars. Either primed for exploration. Rubber boots at the ready—muskeg, woods, and tide pools set the stage for guided hikes. Kayaks and skiffs bring on the search for seaweed, kelp, harbor seals, sea stars, and jellies. Or try your hand at paddle boarding. Balance not quite so steady? The crew has a dry towel and hot toddy ready if you take a “polar plunge” by choice or by accident.

DAY 4 South Baranof Wilderness Area
2,500-foot high granite fjord walls. Rushing waterfalls. Snowfields and glaciers blanket the high country of South Baranof, giving way to coastal forest of hemlock and spruce. It’s wilderness with a capital W! Your captain knows these waters like the back of her hand. Skiff and paddle among little-known inlets with your guides, and likely seals, otters, and sea lions, too. There’s brown in this green landscape—Baranof is a hot spot for bears. Take a scrambling bushwhack in search of lupine, big views, and massive rainforest. Underway again, pop up to the bridge to look over charts with your captain and mates.

DAY 5 Chatham Strait / Frederick Sound
At the whim of the whales. Humpbacks migrate in droves to Frederick Sound and Chatham Strait. The krill and plankton here are just to their liking. Grab your binoculars and rally with your shipmates on the bow. It’s a sight to see when lots of whales appear far and near, their spouts look like picket fences. Look for the tell-tale bubbles and blows. And have your camera point-and-shoot ready. Drop the kayaks and skiffs and along with your guide, take your search to tucked-away nooks. It’s also a favorite spot of orcas and Dall’s porpoises—and likely one of yours too.

DAY 6 Admiralty Island National Monument
It’s a bear o’rama. Tlingit call the island Kootznoowoo, meaning “Fortress of the Bear.” Inspiration for the name is clear—the highest concentration of brown bears in the world, more bears than the lower U.S. states combined. It also claims the world’s greatest congregation of bald eagles. But back to the bears. Wake in the heart of this wilderness, near Windfall Harbor. Pull on your gummies (boots) then hop aboard the skiff for a wet landing and a hike to a bear sanctuary. A local guide meets you on the beach for an orientation, then leads the way to the bear viewing area. Take it all in—these are powerful beings. Lower your pulse with a quiet kayak or write postcards on the sun deck later in the day.

DAY 7 Stikine-LeConte Wilderness Area
Alaska wilderness delivers! Flowing a little slower than your typical river, you find a river of ice and the southern-most tidewater glacier—LeConte. It’s a grand finale of a day. Tides and currents decide your LeConte Bay adventures. Drop anchor in Ideal Cove and hike along the Three Lakes trail. High tide? Pass bergy-riding seal pups as you motor through the glacier’s ice gardens. Low tide? Walk among icebergs caught in the glacial outwash field. Cap off your week with a celebratory Farewell Dinner and slideshow.

DAY 8 Petersburg– Disembarkation
Truth, all good things must end. After one last breakfast with new friends, disembark.

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Cruise Itinerary
Date Activity Arrive Depart
07/06/18 Petersburg, Alaska
08/06/18 Kake, Alexander Archipelago, Alaska
09/06/18 Kuiu Island, Alaska
10/06/18 Baranof Island, Alaska
11/06/18 Chatham Strait, Alaska
12/06/18 Admiralty Island, Alaska
13/06/18 LeConte Bay, Alaska
14/06/18 Petersburg, Alaska
Itinerary may vary by sailing date and itineraries may be changed at the cruise lines discretion. Please check itinerary details at time of booking and before booking other travel services such as airline tickets.