MSC set up exclusive island in The Bahamas

MSC Cruises is creating an exclusive island for passengers in The Bahamas called Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve.

The island will open late 2018.

The plan was announced this month at an official Groundbreaking Ceremony, where the Prime Minister of the Bahamas, Perry Gladstone Christie,
and Pierfrancesco Vago, MSC Cruises’ executive chairman, were in attendance.

The development is part of MSC’s €$9 MSC set up exclusive island in The Bahamas billion investment plan and will turn the island – a former industrial sand extraction site – back into its original pristine state.

Vago says: ‘Our aim is to turn an industrial wasteland into a thriving environment. In so doing, we will substantially grow our group’s already strong investment in the Bahamian economy, offering long-term employment opportunities to the local population.’

‘Bearing testament to our ability to innovate, a purpose-built berth and pier will allow our cruise ships to dock directly at Ocean Cay MSC Marine
Reserve. Thus the island will de facto become an extension of the ship.’

MSC Seaside and other MSC Cruises ships operating in the Caribbean will call Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve regularly on their itineraries from November 2018.